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My goodness. The last journal I wrote on here was so full of angst and just plain awfulness that even SB’s worst angsty scenes look liked rainbows and unicorns frolicking through a candy valley. But that’s beside the point and moving on to why I am posting this journal.

As you know SB has been successful (successful enough that somebody has found way to promote it at a con next year and I found a publisher to actually PRINT the books to sell at the con) with its pairings, characters, raw and emotional writing, and of course having a female lead like Juliana “Juli” Katherine Serenade. With its successful prequel, sequel, side stories, AU pairings stories, SB has become a flourishing series that mainly began as a vent art/writing project for a girl in high school who was filled with utter rage, resentment, and malice.

Now that I have grown as a writer and artist (and continue to grow mind you) the later books of SB has become less dark and more inspirational, I have decided to write (with my fabulous love :iconialsoforgot: as the co-author) a different type of SB AU story.

The Juli Serenade is this new series will be of course the same Juli we've come to love and hate but the setting be in Chicago, Illinois instead of NY. It will of course of have all the sexy Sinners, male love interests and all the other fabulous characters that we've come to love and fangirl over. The only difference will be that Roman Christian’s character will be replaced by my :iconialsoforgot:’s persona Jason Worthington. Another big change to the new series is there will be no Harem. Yes I have spoken the words that SB fans never wanted to hear: NO HAREM.

Since this will also be co-written by my love he has his own ideas and moral beliefs (which we all know SB has many beliefs that our author believes in) and one of them is having multiple partners. I know some of you will be rejoicing while others will be cringing in fear of a completely different SB that you are not accustomed too.

I know, we all afraid of the unknown sometimes, especially when it comes to something you love and cherish. Believe me, you’d be surprised of the “Creative Difference” arguments I've had with him but in the end the ideas he has are fabulous and he has an amazing creative talent that needs to be seen.

This alternative series will be titled “The Sinner’s Revolution” and be shared by :iconialsoforgot: and myself. We are still in the planning stages of the book and hoping to have a first draft by the end of January 2014 followed by the completion of Book 1 of the original SB series.

Again, I just want to say a special thanks to all the amazing fans of this series and the support they've given me throughout the years. I've always had the fans best interests when revising/writing this amazing series and I will continue to do so as well as my new co-author.

Below this long introduction is the summary to this fabulous new series. I hope you guys enjoy this series as much as the original one and go in with an open mind. Again I couldn't have done this series without the fans’ support and love so thanks guys for everything and for an amazing five years.

Juli Serenade was a teenage goth filled with lots of anger and resentment for choices she made in her life. She’s stuck in her “perfect life” that consists of rules, reputation, and status with a family who can’t see her pain and is stuck with a man whose “love” for her is on the borderline of obsession. Welcome to the 1770s South Carolina; Juli asked for a second chance of life, but the Gods clearly gave her something that even she couldn’t comprehend. Enter Captain Jason Worthington, a man who isn’t bound by much but has a kind noble heart. Throw in some Sinners, Demons, possession, gorgeous men, stunning women, sailors, warships, soldiers, a book that can end the human race, the British Green Dragoons, Gods of Demons and Sinners, with love, tragedy, power, greed, obsession, adventure, and you got the current state of Juli Serenade’s new life. In the end will Juli redeem herself by becoming the woman she’s secretly dreamed of and end up with the roguish but kind Jason or be consumed by a revengeful Sinner Queen and the cruel General of the British Green Dragoons. This is her story. This is the Sinner’s Revolution.

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